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Everyone keeps saying, "He's not good enough for you" "You're better than him" "Your better off without him." But the more I think about it maybe its the other way around. Maybe if I had just considered everything a little bit more. If I had tried harder, but I think I gave up towards the end. I decided that it wasn't going to work so I stopped trying. I took the easy way out. Only it wasn't easy because it hurt, and I feel like I'm dying without him.
Maybe I wasnt good enough for him, maybe it hurts because I failed in our relationship. Yeah, it wasn't one sided problems, and he started as many problems as I did.
I'm sad my heart is breaking he found someone else. Everyone says it was his fault. But I think it was mine. And I want him, but he wants lidsey. I just don't know what to do any more. It hurts so much and I dont know how to stop it. I don't want to do anything. I don't draw, I hardly read. I don't go out side. I lay down I cry I watch tv, and I sleep. But not at night, because at night I just think about everything I lost. I only sleep when exhaustion makes me sleep. Ok those were my feelings for taday. And we're all done now.

Sad poemish thing
When the rain keeps falling
And there's no one calling
Whats left....?

When your heart starts to break
And everyone just seems to take take take
What do you do....?

When all options seem to end
And there's not a hand to lend
Who do you fall back on....?

Sometimes you put the gun to your head
Just to see if you have the guts to pull the trigger
Will anyone be there to stop you....?

....Give up
....No one

I'm going and everyone else should too

Norman Reedus is amazing!
I did a drawing of Norman Reedus last night and today he sent me a message over Twitter saying he loved my art and is now following me on Twitter! I am one of the 167 people he is following! Oh My Gosh I hyperventilated this morning when I saw his message and when I saw he was following me I freaked out again. I was no am soooooo happy and excited! This is the picture that got him so add me:


I could die right now I am sooo happy

Fuckfsdjklahby 3
I'm so irritated and just like aafhsdjk; I feel like crying for no good reason, and kicking a wall and punching a mirror andf agdhasklg hi
I want to get out of the house and my brother is an ass hole.
I'm single on Valentines day
I'm having the shitiest of shity weeks and i want it to be over
No one texts me
I feel like screaming
I need a stupid job but I cant get one
I hate my best friends stupid boyfriend cuz now when ever she's with 'me' she's actaully with him and i'm a stupid fucing cover!
We only hang out when she wants to shop I want my best friend back
But she gave me really pretty cold and diamond heart shaped earings for valentines day so I wouldn't feel bad
But fuck I still do
I'm being mean to everyone cuz im in a shitty mood and I feel like I'm gonna vomit.
been off and on sick all week and i'm sick of it!
Not my week.......

Happy Birthday : ]

I'm soooo tired. But I wanna draw, and read and watch movies. But I don't have the energy to even get up out of my bed. And I don't feel like dealing with my boyfriend. But what choice do I have? None. Wish my phone could just get lost again.

I won a Boondock Saints Poster!!!! By answering a trivia question! I answered first with the right answer! I am like walking on sunshine and floating in clouds. This movie has been the best times of my life. Norman Reedus complemented my drawing of him. And I just won a poster! All because of this movie. I am in love with this movie. I'm soooooo excited! I'm so happy! I'm just in the best of moods ever. It is so increadably amazing! Ok thats all. I'm just soooo happy and I don't even have the right words for my excitement.

Boondock Saints II Prop Give away
The Boondock Saints is the Greatest Vigilante Movie ever made and the most morally right. They are responding to a higher calling than 'moral' beliefs. They don't just see evil and decide "hmmmm I don't like this lets go kill bad guys," no they have a calling from God, they are told in a dream from God too right the evils. Even go so far as to quote Bible verses. Need not add to this the fact that the MacManus Twins are gorgeous. Sexiest vigilante's ever seen in film. Is there any better movie? Don't even joke I'm not laughing, its to good to have any contest : ]]]
Worst Vigilante Movie is by far Paparazzi, there is no great evil, its a mans problem with the paparazzi. Ridiculous. It shouldn't even be counted as a vigilante movie, yet it is. And is by far the most preposterous movie ever to fall into this category.
As for wrong The Brave One. Although I definatey sympathis with what happened to her and her family. She is the most morally wrong in her actions. She is attacking people out of revenge. Not to protect other people, its about her not anything else its revenge for her injuries and the death of her fiance'

I haven't slept all day! And its really nice, I went on a jog at 630ish in the morning and got my self some coffee. Walked my dog and got exercise all in one. It was very refreshing. I feel oh so awake for not sleeping in almost 24 hours. I've been googling images all morning and its just a blast. I feel like drawing or painting but I just don't know what to do. I'm finding people are the funnest to draw. most enjoyable. Ya know? I need to learn to draw the human body. But I am so nervous to attempt it. It took this much time to just get face and upper body and I had a class to teach me that. Why don't drawing classes teach you to draw the whole body? Its very irking. Where do I go to learn how to do that?
I need one of those people outline things, like the ones you can move the bodies into whatever position you need to simulate how a persons body. With like the muscle shapes and stuff like that. I'm gonna go get one. Well no I'm not, I'm trying to save my money all up for my trip. So no useless spending. I'm still not tired. Well enough rambling. I'm going to draw.......
.....Norman Reedus....... Shocking I'm sure : ]

Here is an old drawing of him

And here is the painting I did just a few days ago cuz he said too : ]

And here is a drawing I did of Sean Patrick Flanery

You know what this picture makes me think of. The song "Something In Your Mouth"

He's so sexy ; ]]]]


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